Buried Saints

My life was upended one terrible night in 2011 when I learned that my teenage stepson has been sexually abusing my two daughters. Once this secret is discovered, my marriage, already crumbling and unable to sustain itself, broke for the final time. But against all odds, my husband and I, along with our daughters, are able to learn resilience, forgiveness, strength, and courage, and, miraculously, my marriage began to heal.

Haunting and horrible yet hopeful and beautiful, Buried Saints is a fast and raw memoir of forgiveness and resilience. It is a revelatory look into our family deeply destroyed by deceit. Mostly, it is a truly astonishing story about the intense, unpredictable love between my husband and I left in a tragic situation to fall or flourish.

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The author has written a hauntingly beautiful account of a family torn apart by tragedy and rebuilt by strength, love, and faith. The story of trauma and the insidious ways that it affects people’s lives and the ripple effect it has on the whole family is eloquently shared and leaves a mark of deep sadness yet deep faith in the power of human connection and healing. I am humbled by the strength of the author to persevere and to find the positives among the rubble. A must-read for anyone looking for a renewed sense of faith in the human spirit. A raw and powerful must-read.

Sandra Birch

licensed clinical social worker and trauma specialist

Writing powerfully from the heart, Brin tells a compelling story of her family’s surviving and even thriving in the wake of devastating events in the lives of their children. With humility, vulnerability, and warmth, Brin does not shy away from the pain of loss and betrayal but faces it all head-on with courage and leads us gently through the losses of abuse into hope. Love is costly and demands more than we think we can give, but the rewards are beyond measure. This family’s story bears that out in so many life-giving ways. I appreciate her and her husband’s willingness to let us in on her family’s struggle and the courage it took to bring the truth to light, to allow those hurt to tell their story, and to do all in their power to protect from future harm. Every parent should read this book.

The Rev. Dr. Heather Wright

Author of Redeeming Eve: Finding Hope Beyond the Struggles of Life (Baker)

I have been an ordained priest for forty-six years. I have also been a practicing family therapist. After reading Buried Saints, I was struck by the depth of human pain that innocent young people have to endure and survive. There is no minimizing human suffering. Yet our capacity for resiliency is amazing. In the story of Buried Saints, the deeper underpinnings of faith have contributed to weaving threads of resiliency. It is tragically an all-too-familiar story in our society. Yet we are not without resources. Everyone can be inspired by this story of hope.

Liam G. Collins

Ordained Priest

Very beautifully written and very powerful to read.
Marina Pisklakova Parker

Human Rights Defender, Speak Truth To Power

What a beautiful, thought-provoking, very powerful, heart-wrenching story. A story truly about true faith, love, and miracles.

Misty Smith

Spiritual Life Coach

Seldom have I come across a story that is equal parts purpose, principle and passion – where, within and throughout, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Kudos to Brin Miller for being one of the rare authors to accomplish that feat.

Brian Goldthorpe


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