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Chronicles of a week with no kids

The girls are away for the week. First time in their lives and the first time in our marriage we haven't had a kid with us. Yes really, first time! (We started out with my husband's kid) I keep telling people they were ready they just didn't know they were ready. It...

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Ready to launch

Today is April 1st. In 16 days my book, Buried Saints, is being released by She Writes Press. I’m a published author. That is such a cool thing to say! Makes my heart beam with pride, except I don’t often say it. I published under a pen name so, "Author" is not listed...

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Exploring who is to blame part 2

Exploring the idea of blame and shame has been harder than I had expected. It's not a bright and cheery topic. I can feel my own guard go up as I write every word. My shoulders are tight and my brain is fighting off thoughts of anger and ironically blame. I can't even...

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Exploring who is to blame?

Let's face it, we live in a world that loves to find blame. And we all do it. A quick look at social media, blogs and advice columns confirms our collective, societal view that someone is to blame for everything. But then as adults, we face intensifying pressure to be...

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Why write this story? Part 2

In the early days after finding out about the abuse my daughters had endured, we would need to meet specific people who interacted with them to explain the current and often visible emotional imbalances of our family. Our family was a wreck and it showed. It only took...

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Why write this story? Part 1

Within my loyal tribe of book supporters, a few have wondered why I wrote this part of my journey. Truthfully, having written under a pen name, I don’t get asked that often but when I am, typically people first want to know how our family is. We are doing well. We are...

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Is it faith or God or what?

I was asked the other day why I separate faith from God. If I look back I have always believed in something bigger than me. Until I was about 30 that was as much as I thought about faith, "sure something is out there bigger than me". I never thought about God. Around...

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Frozen or a path for forgiving

The news has been brutal lately. I had to stop watching but even that doesn't help because I still get news alerts on every device I own. And forget switching on to Facebook - good friends are duking out politics on a public stage in an ugly manner. It is hard to know...

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The journey of forgiveness

This is the fourth post in an unofficial series on forgiveness. I continually return to exploring forgiveness. I slip into old habits and I find this is a good way of returning to more peaceful choices. I also find the exploration, while reflective, is also...

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Vulnerability and forgiveness

I have been rumbling with vulnerability lately. At the end of last year, I had both a personal and professional losses. A loss makes me wonder about the purpose of things. But "purpose" is another blog entry. And exploring my vulnerable feelings makes me pensive,...

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